Delta has been manufacturing the finest quality livestock, equipment and cargo trailers since 1971 and is the leading trailer manufacturer in Arkansas. All of their trailers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. A long list of standard features comes with each trailer.

Delta's livestock trailers include horse trailers like the Model 400 "Thoroughbred" and the Model 500 "Bronco," and general livestock trailers like the 600 Heavy Duty. Our top-of-the-line 700 Deluxe horse trailer is fully-equipped with a complete list of features. Also included in this category is our Model 300 cargo trailer for carrying just about anything requiring the protection of an enclosed space.

Delta's equipment trailers include a full range of single-wheel and dual-wheel flatbed trailers, dump bed trailers, tilt-bed trailers and car haulers.

Why buy a Delta?

  • Delta’s renowned structural frame design
  • More than three decades of trailer building experience
  • Dexter Axles featured on all models
  • Brakes on every axle
  • Highest quality components
  • 3-Step acid wash and metal prep
  • High-quality DuPont® baked-on automotive paint finishes
  • Nationwide dealer network
  • Full trailer warranty

All Delta equipment trailers include:

  • A smooth solid pull
  • Brakes on every axle
  • Closely spaced floor braces
  • Dexter axles
  • Superior quality DuPont paints
  • Spring-loaded drop-leg jacks
  • All DOT markings
  • DOT stop, tail and turn lights
  • Clearance and tag lights

Delta paints its trailers using a state-of-the-art, computer controlled paint delivery system. Every trailer starts with a 3-step acid wash process to thoroughly clean the metal, followed by the application of DuPont® rust-resistant primer, then at least two coats of automotive-grade Dupont topcoat.

Their Bake Booth (shown at right) process ensures one of the most durable, baked-on paint finishes available, with high gloss and excellent color retention — including Horse, Livestock and Cargo models as well as Dump Trailers.

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