Trailer Safety Guides & Tips.

Towing Your Trailer

It is very important to tow your trailer with a vehicle that is equipped with adequatepower, proper brake system, correct hitch size and an ample suspension to maintain a safe ride. If you have questions as to the recommended size hitch see Leonard Truck and Trailer's Service Department for professional advice.

When purchasing a new vehicle it is recommended to confer with both your automotive dealer and Leonard Truck and Trailer for tow ratings.

Always stay within your Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). The GVWR is the weight of the trailer and the load that the axles can carry. The GVWR must not be confused with the weight of the trailer. When fully loaded the total weight of your trailer can not exceed the stated GVWR. Travel as light as possible.

Distribute additional weight as evenly as possible. Store heavy items over the axles and as near to the floor as possible, reducing the possibility of weight shifting.

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