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  • Holly March

    Nov 07, 2023

    This place is great, unless there is a problem. We purchased a brand new 12x12 shed. We put our property inside and then there was a rain storm. There was a seam, not sealed correctly or maybe it happened as it was delivered, we lost several items that are not replaceable and a few hundred dollars worth of other items. Guess what, they don’t care. But if we want to purchase anything else from them, they’ll offer us 10% off. Right. We’ve paid you $4000, lost precious things, and you can only help us if we spent more. So I think Leonard is great as long as nothing goes wrong. We will not be buying anymore Leonard products. We just moved to our forever home, with some property where we were not done with needing things like sheds, trailers, etc. but this experience was very unsatisfactory. They kept saying how this never happens. And their product is superior. It’s obvious they weren’t concerned with keeping our business or doing what’s right. At this point all I can do is let everyone know that I can. Leonard will be great as long as no issues arise.

  • Charles Nakoff Sr

    Oct 17, 2023

    Before The Sale...
    5 Full Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    10 STARS !!

    Ryan, our customer service guy is fantastic! He's gone out of his way to contact the manufacturers directly and expedite a couple of manufacturer service related updates that needed to be done, as well as a few adjustments to our front end. The updates and repairs were done quickly and expeditiously. He facilitated the sourcing of the parts, direct from the manufacturer, EPIC CARTS, who shipped them right away! Ryan is an excellent contact person between the customer and the service department at Leonard truck and trailer! Highly recommended!

    Sam, the service department manager and his crew of techs did a great job getting my custom cart in and fixed quick and back to me in time to enjoy the fall

    Tom Gamble, our salesman is a really great guy and the entire place is full of helpful people and really good deals on trailers and they have a TON of LSV's or low speed vehicles in the lot, many of them are STREET LEGAL in Ohio, liked ours!!

    At the end of the day they washed my cart and cleaned it up and got it back to me ASAP!

    Thanks Guys!

  • Tony Smith

    Jun 07, 2023

    Unbelievable selection of trailers. Found the perfect toy hauler and the service department was able to add a few accessories quickly. Definitely worth the drive. Can't recommend Leonard Truck and Trailer enough!

  • Robert Aguilera

    May 12, 2023

    Excellent service and a great selection of trailers! I highly recommend them.