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The leading custom performance saddle for 40 years. See why champions across disciplines choose Bob's

Because great riders deserve great saddles…

Since 1977, Bob's bespoke Saddles has produced the finest bespoke western saddles available. More elite riders than any other custom saddle maker have traveled in Bob's Saddles to World, Futurity, and Derby Championships. Professional riders from all over the globe love our reining, working cow horse, ranch versatility, roping, cutting, barrel racing, trail, and silver show saddles because of their excellent quality, craftsmanship, and performance. Every saddle sold by Bob's Custom Saddles is made by a team of lifetime artisans who have been perfecting their trade for centuries. The best woods are used to construct Bob's Custom Saddles, which are also made of hand-selected, top-grain Herman Oak Leather, genuine sheepskin, and hand-engraved sterling and silver overlay. To provide the best appearance, longevity, comfort, and peak performance for the winning ride, each saddle is created to cater to the demands and preferences of each unique rider. To ensure that every Bob's Custom Saddle fulfills the high design and construction standards our clients require, we hand-tool every saddle, hand-lay every ground seat, hand-stitch every seat, and hand-craft every cantle. Each saddle is manually examined to ensure that it meets and exceeds the requirements of the individual bespoke order. Since Bob's Custom Saddles has been producing high-quality custom saddles for the past 40 years, we appreciate our customers' feedback that we continue to provide a quality ride.

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