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Virnig Attachments Model SGV84 For Sale

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    MSRP: $6,090 USD
    SAVINGS: $2,093 USD
    SALE PRICE: $3,997 USD
    Stock: 37863
    Condition: New

    v50 Skeleton GrapplePRODUCT CATEGORY: Skid SteerOne of the most popular and versatile Virnig grapples used to handle brush, logs and debris.EVERY TINE IS MADE FROM ONE PIECE OF STEEL FOR MAXIMUM RIGIDITYNITROSTEEL® CYLINDER RODS & TEFLON® COATED BUSHINGS ON ALL PIVOTSSTANDARD WITH CYLINDER GUARDSPRODUCT CATEGORY: Skid SteerNeed to get a grip? Virnig grapples rip out, pile, and carry debris with ease. Find out what else they can tackle! V50 Skeleton Grapple: 36.1" Jaw...


  • (1 Result)