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Service Contracts

XtraRide® Protection for New and Used Trailers

Protective’s XtraRide Service Contract Program provides you the peace of mind of knowing you are protected against the cost of covered mechanical breakdowns and includes valuable additional benefits.

XtraRide® includes the following additional benefits:

(Subject to Maximum Reimbursement Limits and Other Terms and Conditions)

Sign & Drive Towing/Road Service

All benefits are extended to the tow vehicle. Up to $1,000 reinbursement per towing occurence if you vehicle is immobile. Up o $300 reimbursement for emergency roadside assistance benefits.

  • Jump Start
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Spare Replacement
  • Lock-Out Service

Service Call

Up to $100 reimbursement per occurence for service call expenses incured due to a covered repair if your vehicle is immobile unless optional Enhanced Service Call Program is purchased. If more than 50 miles from nearest repair facility you will be reimbursed up to $200 per occurence.

Travel Expense Coverage.

Travel Expenses

Up to $250 reimbursement per day for a maximum of five days for meals and lodging expenses incured due to a covered repair when more than 50 miles from your residence.

Food Spoilage

Up to $100 reimbursement for the loss of food and beverage incured due to a covered repair.

Fuel/L.P. Gass

Up to $275 reimbursement to replace fuel lost due to a covered repair.

Pet Benefit

Up to $275 reimbursement for pet removal, transporting, handling and boarding expenses (applies to domestic animals and horses)

XtraRide® Platinum Coverage

Protects All Major Component Groups

XtraRide Platinum provides extensive coverage against the cost of breakdowns due to mechanical defects to all vehicle components unless specifically excluded. A complete list of exclusions can be found in the contract. Unless excluded, parts falling within the following component groups are covered.

Chassis Frame Coverage.

Chassis Frame

All components in the lift crank system (for pop-up and hi-lo campers) • brackets • coupler • hubs • scissor jacks • spring hangers • welds • wheelbase frame landing gear • winch stand

Auxiliary Power Plant and Power Steps Coverage.

Auxiliary Power Plant/Power Steps

All internally lubricated parts of the Power Plant engine • gauges • generator electrical components • head and /or cylinder block if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part • hydraulic door • interior monitor and control panel • inverter • P.C. board(s) • power converter • starter • switches • voltage regulator • power step system

Suspension System Coverage.


Actuators • coil and leaf springs • rubberized suspension components • spindles • axle shafts • wheel bearings

Brake System Coverage.

Brake System

Backing plates • hydraulic or electrical brake actuators • master cylinder

Seals and Gaskets Coverage.

Seals and Gaskets

Seals, gaskets, and sealing boots for all covered parts including slide-out room system and appliances

Water Heater Coverage.

Water Heater

Burner assembly • control panel • electronic ignition assembly • fittings and connections • gas valve • heating element(s) • P.C. board(s) • switches • tank • thermocouple • thermostat • wiring harness

Waste System Coverage.

Waste System

Fittings and connections • gate valves • holding tanks • shower • sink(s) • toilet

Fresh Water System Coverage.

Fresh Water System

Compressor • traps • water lines • water pump • water tank • faucets • fittings and connections

Air Conditioning, Heat Pump, and Ventilation Coverage.

Air Conditioning/Heating Pump/Ventilation

Accumulator • blower motor • capacitors • compressor • condenser • control panel • P.C. board(s) • ducts • electronic module • evaporator • expansion valve • heat strips • heat pump • pressure cycling switch • receiver dryer • relays • switches • thermostat • ventilation fans

Range and Oven Coverage.

Range and Oven

Burner assembly • burner valves • L.P. fittings and connections • microwave oven • P.C. board(s) • power hood • thermocouple • thermostat

L.P. Gass System Coverage.

L.P. Gas System

Fittings • gas lines • gauges • mounting brackets • pig tails • regulators • shut-off system • valves

Heating System Coverage.

Heating System

Blower motor • burner assembly • furnace igniter • gas valve • heat pumps • heat strips • L.P. fittings and connections • P.C. boards • thermocouple • thermostat

Refrigerator Coverage.


Burner assembly • cooling unit • igniter •L.P. fittings and connections • P.C. board(s) • thermocouple • thermostat

Slide-Out Room(s) Coverage.

Slide-Out Room(s)

All electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components

Leveling System Coverage.

Leveling System

All electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components

Audio-Video Coverage.


Antenna motor(s) • near stereo system (excluding speakers), TV and VCR/VCP

Sampling of Additional Components Covered.

Sampling of Additional Components Covered

Alarm sensors • awning mechanism (excluding cover) • assistive devices • automatic traction control • awning wind sensor • carbon monoxide/smoke detectors • sealing fans • central locking system • central vacuum cleaner system • compass • dishwasher • door handles, locks and hinges • electric fireplace • electrical outlets • electronic/remote entrance • external barbecue • external nuts, bolts, washers and lock washers in conjunction with a covered repair • freezer • garbage disposal • ice maker • interior and exterior light fixtures (excluding bulbs) • kitchen center • power seat system • rear monitor system • roof antenna & head • security system • spot light system • thermometer • tire pressure monitor • trash compactor • washer/dryer (excluding belts and hoses)

XtraRide Optional Coverage Programs

Enhanced Service Call Program.

Enhanced Service Call Programs

In the event of a covered repair, regardles of wheather the vehicle is mobile or immobile, we will reimburse you for expenses incurred for a service call not to exceed $100 per occurence ($200 per occurence if your vehicle breakes down more than 50 miles from nearest repair facility) in addition to normal parts and labor charges.

Consequential Failure Program.

Consequential Failure Program

Protect agains the cost for repair or replacement of certain additional parts that are damaged due to the mechanic breakedown of a covered part. Examples include the batteries, belts, brake pads, fuel cells and solar panels. Please see vehicle service contract for details.

Tire & Wheel Program.

Tire & Wheel Program

  • Flat Tire Repair
  • Tire Replacement
  • Wheels (Rims) Repair & Replacement
  • Mounting & Balancing
  • Valve Stems
  • Taxes **

This program may not be available in some states due to state law restrictions. See coverage booklet for exact terms, coverage, and exclusions.
** You will be reimbursed for the cost of local and state taxes, as directed by state agencies.

Average Trailer Repair Costs

Average Trailer Repair Costs.

Coverage Limits and Exclusions

Coverage is subject to deductibles, limits and exclusions. The contract covers repairs only of covered parts and only when they suffer a mechanical breakdown as defined in the contract. Under some circumstances, a mechanical breakdown a covered part may not be covered. Examples include if the failure is due to misuse, lack of proper maintenance or when a non-covered part is what caused the covered part to fail. Also, the exclusions contain a list of parts not covered, some of which may be associated with or contained in component groups that are covered. Examples include the walls, brake drums and rotors, fuses, head and tail light assemblies, hoses, spark plugs and wires. Please see vehicle service contract for details.

Emergency Transportation.

Emergency Transportation

Airfare or rental vehicle reimbursement when a covered repair is delayed more than three days and/or more than 50 miles away from your residence. Up to $250 reimbursement per day for a maximum of $750 per occurence for airfare. Up to $300 reimbursement per occurence for rental vehicle.

24 x 7 Concierge Services.

24 X7 Concierge Services

  • RV Technical Assistance
  • Repair Facility Locator Service
  • Concierge Services Include:
  • ATM, business, historical site, pet care provider, shopping center, phrmacy, hospital, emergency care and RV storage facility locator
  • Traffic reports and road closings
  • Ticket coordination for theathers, movies and sporting events
  • Reservations for car rentals, hotels and restaurants
  • Golf tee time reservations and course referrals
  • Campground referrals
  • Weather reports
  • Emergency return travel arrangements
  • Turn-by-turn driving directions
  • Wireless device assistance
  • Local activities calendar

* All benefits are subject to maximum reimbursement limits. Certain additional benefits may not be available in some states due to state law restrictions. Se coverage booklet for exact terms, coverage and exclusions.

More reasons to choose XtraRide:

Deductible Reduction.

Deductible Reduction

$50 deductible reduction if towable is returned to selling dealer for repairs. Once a part is repaired under the contract, no additional deductible will apply for future covered repairs of that part.

Transferable Coverage.

Transferable Coverage

All the benefits and coverageds of your service contract are fully transferable to a subsequent private owner (subject to qualification and transfer fees).

Repair Services.

Repair Services

Repairs can be performed by the dealer who sold you the service contract or at most authorized repair facilities in the United States and Canada.

Claims Assistance.

Claims Assistance

You will have access to a claims specialist to assist you should a covered mechanical breakdown occur.

Customer I.D. Cards.

Customer I.D. Cards

You will recive two wallet-size I.D. cards after the purchase of your service contract.