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Responsible Disclosure


At Leonard Truck and Trailer, we take the security of our website and systems seriously. We value the contributions of security researchers and individuals who discover vulnerabilities and security issues. This Responsible Disclosure Policy outlines the guidelines for reporting and addressing such vulnerabilities in a responsible and ethical manner.


What is Responsible Disclosure?

Responsible disclosure, also known as coordinated vulnerability disclosure, is the process of privately and responsibly reporting security vulnerabilities or weaknesses to the organization or vendor affected, allowing them an opportunity to address and resolve the issue before it is disclosed publicly. It encourages collaboration and responsible behavior between discoverers of vulnerabilities and the organization, prioritizing the security and privacy of users and systems.


Reporting a Vulnerability

If you believe you have discovered a security vulnerability or weakness on the Leonard Truck and Trailer website or any of our systems, we encourage you to report it to us promptly. To ensure responsible disclosure, we request that you adhere to the following guidelines:


Act in Good Faith: Make a genuine effort to avoid any harm to Leonard Truck and Trailer's systems or the privacy of our users during your research.

Notify Us Privately: Please report the vulnerability by contacting us through the designated point of contact listed below. Do not publicly disclose the vulnerability or share it with others until we have had an opportunity to address the issue.

Provide Sufficient Details: When reporting a vulnerability, please include relevant information such as the nature of the vulnerability, its potential impact, and steps to reproduce it. Screenshots, proof-of-concept code, or any additional supporting material will be appreciated and will aid our understanding and response.

Respect Confidentiality: We ask that you keep all information related to the vulnerability and our interactions confidential until we provide explicit permission to disclose it.

Allow Adequate Time for Response: We strive to address and resolve reported vulnerabilities promptly. However, the time required for analysis, investigation, and implementation of fixes may vary depending on the complexity of the vulnerability. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this process.


Contact Information

To report a security vulnerability or weakness, please contact us through the following channels:


By providing your phone number, you agree to receive text messages from Leonard Truck and Trailer related to your inquiry. Message & data rates may apply. Message frequency varies. Reply HELP for help and STOP to cancel. View Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Our Commitment

Leonard Truck and Trailer is committed to acknowledging and addressing reported vulnerabilities in a timely manner. We will handle each report with the utmost seriousness and take appropriate steps to investigate, mitigate, and resolve the issue.


Rewards and Recognition

While we greatly appreciate your efforts in reporting security vulnerabilities, Leonard Truck and Trailer does not currently offer a formal bug bounty or monetary rewards program for responsible disclosure. However, we will acknowledge your contribution and give appropriate recognition, with your permission, for responsibly reporting a vulnerability that helps improve the security of our systems.


Important Note

This Responsible Disclosure Policy is intended to guide the responsible reporting of security vulnerabilities. Any attempt to exploit or harm our systems beyond what is necessary to demonstrate the vulnerability will be considered a violation of this policy and may result in legal action.