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2022 Bush Hog RT60GR-1R Attachments For Sale

2022 Bush Hog RT60GR-1R Attachments For Sale
MSRP: $4,575 USD
Stock#: 38484
Serial: RT60-3HDHRC220060
New, AVAILABLE Immediately, On Yard, For Sale, Call to check for availability
  • Introducing the Bush Hog Brand RT60GR-1R Attachment: Unleash Efficient and Precise Tilling Performance!The RT60GR-1R Attachment by Bush Hog is a powerful and reliable rotary tiller designed to transform your tilling operations. With its versatile features and robust construction, this attachment is built to tackle a range of tilling tasks with ease.Equipped with a gear drivetrain, the RT60GR-1R ensures efficient power transmission, allowing you to achieve optimal tilling results. The standard/reverse rotation feature provides versatility, enabling you to adapt to different soil conditions and achieve thorough and consistent tillage.The hitch compatibility of the RT60GR-1R is another standout feature. It comes with an ASAE CAT 1 hitch as standard, making it ready for use with both standard and quick hitches. This versatility allows you to easily connect and detach the attachment, saving you valuable time and effort.With a working width of 59 inches, the RT60GR-1R enables you to cover a significant area in a single pass, increasing your productivity and reducing tilling time. The seven flanges with six blades per flange deliver efficient tilling action, ensuring thorough soil pulverization and preparation for planting.The 17-inch rotor/blade rotation diameter and 3-inch rotor shaft diameter contribute to the attachment's durability and strength. With a rotor speed of 211 RPM, the RT60GR-1R delivers consistent and effective tilling performance, allowing you to achieve the desired soil consistency and texture.Weighing approximately 673 pounds, the RT60GR-1R offers stability and optimal ground contact for efficient tilling. The PTO driveline with slip clutch, built to ASAE CAT4 standards, ensures reliable power transfer and protects the driveline from damage in case of sudden impact or overload.With a tilling depth of up to 6 inches, the RT60GR-1R enables you to work the soil to the desired depth, creating an ideal seedbed for various crops and gardening applications. Whether you're preparing a garden, landscaping project, or agricultural field, this attachment provides the versatility and performance you need.The RT60GR-1R is designed for tractors with a minimum PTO horsepower of 25 and a maximum PTO horsepower of 45. This broad horsepower range makes it compatible with a variety of tractors, providing flexibility for different applications and soil conditions.In conclusion, the Bush Hog Brand RT60GR-1R Attachment is a reliable and efficient rotary tiller designed to meet your tilling needs. With its sturdy construction, versatile features, and compatibility with a range of tractors, this attachment is an excellent choice for homeowners, landscapers, and agricultural professionals. Experience the power and precision of the RT60GR-1R Attachment and achieve optimal soil preparation for successful planting. Trust in the quality and performance of Bush Hog attachments and elevate your tilling operations to new heights.**We believe that these specifications to be accurate. Any discrepancies are unintentional. Please verify information with a sales associate prior to purchase.**
    Exterior Color: RED
    Cut Width: 48"
    Cut Height: 6"
    PTO Speed: 540
    Min Tractor HP: 15 PTO
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    2022 Bush Hog Attachments RT60GR-1R

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