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2024 Bush Hog 2208-R Attachments For Sale

2024 Bush Hog 2208-R Attachments For Sale
MSRP: $12,911 USD
Stock#: 41454
Serial: 1HJK1232960332
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  • Introducing the Bush Hog Brand 2208-R Attachment: Unleash Efficiency and Precision in Your Cutting Operations!The Bush Hog Brand 2208-R Attachment is a powerful and versatile cutting solution designed to meet the demands of professional farmers, landowners, and commercial cutting applications. With its exceptional cutting width of 99 inches, this attachment allows you to cover a wide area in a single pass, saving you time and effort. The cutting height can be easily adjusted from 2 inches to 13 inches, ensuring precise cutting for various terrains and vegetation.The 2208-R Attachment is built to handle cutting tasks with ease. It offers a cutting capacity of 2 inches, making it ideal for maintaining lawns, pastures, and smaller vegetation. While the attachment is compatible with various hitch types, including CAT 1 and 2 STD and QH, semi-mount, and pull, providing versatility in your cutting operations, this unit is a lift type.Durability and longevity are key features of the 2208-R Attachment. The deck thickness of 10-gauge ensures strength and resilience, while the 7-gauge sideband thickness and 11 3/4-inch sideband height enhance cutting efficiency and containment of cut materials. With its CAT 4 driveline size and 2-plate slip-clutch driveline protection, this attachment offers reliable power transmission and protection against potential overloads.Equipped with a transfer gearbox with a horsepower rating of 140 and a cutting gearbox with a horsepower rating of 65, the 2208-R Attachment delivers efficient cutting performance. The attachment operates at a tractor PTO speed of 540 RPM and requires a minimum tractor PTO horsepower of 35 (pull) or 45 (lift), providing compatibility with a wide range of tractors.The oval pan blade holder design ensures optimal cutting efficiency, while the 1/2-inch x 4-inch uplift blades deliver clean and precise cuts. With a blade tip speed of 16,173 feet per minute, the 2208-R Attachment ensures efficient and effective cutting results. The attachment is equipped with 15 1/2-inch laminated tires, providing stability and durability during operation.Safety is a top priority for Bush Hog. The deflector type features a chain/chain design to effectively manage the cut debris, ensuring safe and controlled cutting operations. With an approximate weight of 1,650 pounds, the 2208-R Attachment offers stability and maneuverability while minimizing soil compaction.To provide peace of mind and protect your investment, Bush Hog offers a 10-year gearbox warranty for the 2208-R Attachment, highlighting their commitment to durability and customer satisfaction.In conclusion, the Bush Hog Brand 2208-R Attachment combines power, versatility, and durability to deliver exceptional cutting performance. With its wide cutting width, adjustable cutting height, and efficient cutting capacity, this attachment is suitable for a variety of cutting tasks. Invest in the 2208-R Attachment and experience the reliability and precision that Bush Hog is renowned for. Enhance your productivity and achieve outstanding results with the Bush Hog Brand 2208-R Attachment!**We believe that these specifications to be accurate. Any discrepancies are unintentional. Please verify information with a sales associate prior to purchase.**
    *Pricing subject to increase due to ongoing surcharges beyond our control*
    Exterior Color: RED
    Height: 13
    Cut Width: 8' 3"
    Safety Shields: SINGLE ROW CHAINS
    Cut Height: 2"-12"
    Hitch Type: LIFT
    PTO Speed: 540 RPM
    Min Tractor HP: 45
    Options: LIFT BUNDLE
    Options: FRONT CHAINS
    Options: REAR CHAINS
    Weight: 1600
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    2024 Bush Hog Attachments 2208-R

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