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Common Trailer Offerings Available

Leonard Truck and Trailer’s Service Departments offers a range of services to cater to the needs of trailer owners. Here are some common offerings available:

trailer factoryRoutine Maintenance: Service departments provide routine maintenance services to keep trailers in good working condition. This may include tire rotation, wheel bearing inspection and repacking, brake system inspection, suspension checks, and lubrication of moving parts.

Repairs: Service departments handle various types of repairs for trailers. This can include fixing electrical issues, replacing damaged or worn-out components such as lights, connectors, wiring, or trailer brakes, repairing structural damage, addressing leaks, and resolving plumbing or HVAC system problems (for trailers equipped with such features).

Customization and Upgrades: Many service departments offer customization and upgrade services to tailor trailers to individual preferences or specific needs. This can include adding or modifying features like ramps, tie-down points, toolboxes, winches, electrical outlets, or cargo management systems. They may also assist with installing hitch systems or weight distribution systems to improve towing performance.

Safety Inspections: Service departments can conduct safety inspections to ensure that trailers meet regulatory requirements and are safe to operate. These inspections may include checks on the tires, braking system, lighting, tire condition, structural integrity, and other essential safety features.

Hitch and Towing Equipment Installation: Service departments can assist with hitch installation, including gooseneck or fifth-wheel hitches, as well as weight distribution systems. They ensure that the hitch is correctly installed and compatible with the towing vehicle, maximizing towing safety and stability.

Warranty and Insurance Repairs: If your trailer is covered by a warranty or insurance, the service department can handle any repairs or maintenance covered under those policies. They work with the warranty provider or insurance company to facilitate the necessary repairs.

Parts and Accessories: Service departments often have a stock of common trailer parts and accessories available for purchase. This can include items such as replacement lights, connectors, tires, trailer jacks, towing mirrors, or safety equipment. They can also help source and order specific parts or accessories as needed.

Trailer Rental: Some service departments offer trailer rental services, allowing you to rent a trailer for a specific period if you don't own one or if your trailer is undergoing repairs or maintenance.

Expert Advice and Consultation: Leonard Truck and Trailer’s Service Department has experienced staff who can provide expert advice and guidance on trailer maintenance, troubleshooting, towing safety, or other related concerns. They can answer questions, offer recommendations, and help you make informed decisions about your trailer.

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