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rent to own tmbRent-to-Own Trailer Program

Rent to Own Trailer program is available for most new trailers priced between $2,500 and $20,000. Trailers costing over $20,000, may be available for the Rent to Own program, but may require an additional down payment.  Rent-to-Own (RTO) contacts can be completed in a person and Business name. 

With a Rent-to-Own program, you will eventually own the trailer with a structured payment plan over time, that can span several months or even years.  In a Rent-to-Own program, you make regular payments that contribute toward the eventual ownership of the trailer. A portion of your payments is typically allocated towards the purchase price. Once you have completed the required payment plan, you become the owner of the trailer. Ownership is transferred to you, and you no longer need to make rental payments.  You can use the trailer during the paymentl period, but the focus is on acquiring ownership over time.




1. Valid US Driver's License

2. Utility bill within the last 60 days (utilities with past due balances will be rejected & with no resubmission)

3. Rent to Own Customer's valid vehicle registration

4. The first (1) page of current bank statement OR 2 most recent pay stubs (bank statements with negative beginning/ending balances with no resubmission)