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Grills, Smokers, and Breeo Fire Pits

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Best Selection of SummerSets, Memphis, and Green Mountain Grills.


434462711 408889118438685 125402438959513756 nExperience a better way of grilling with 100% natural hardwood pellets with Green Mountain Grills available at Leonard Truck and Trailer.

The LEDGE PRIME model comes with a redesigned digital controller that allows you to control and monitor your grill through our iOS or Android mobile application, dual meat probes and a USB port. With the new grill and pellet view windows you can keep an eye on your food without letting smoke/heat escape and see your pellet supply. 

Untitled design 2Premium Commercial Grade Built-in Summerset Grills are Now Available and ready to make your backyard cooking better than ever!

Save $700 while supplies last!

Sizzler Pro 32" Built-in Grill - Now $1,299

Sizzler Pro 40" Built-in Grill - Now $1,499

Sizzler Pro Cast Burners: 14,000 BTU Rating Sizzler Pro Cast Burners are versatile and capable of cooking anything to perfection. Made of high-quality cast steel, these burners offer durability, ruggedness and can handle high BTU power at the turn of a knob.

Locked-in Briquette Trays: Heavy duty locked-in briquette trays evenly disperse heat across the entire cooking surface. Commercial grade locked-in briquette trays ensure an even cooking surface and reduce dead zones. Our commercial grade locked-in briquette trays will last for years to come!

Quality You Can Afford: The latest addition to the Summerset line, the Sizzler Series is a premium product at an unbeatable price. Constructed in all commercial grade stainless steel and designed with careful precision to ensure optimal airflow and even heating, this grill gives its higher-priced competitors a run for their money in both durability and grilling performance. The Sizzler will impress the most discriminating of grillers.


Save $1200  Memphis Elite Pellet Cart Model
The Memphis Elite Cart Model Pellet Grill is a 3-in-1 cooking center, featuring a high-temperature grill, high-performance convection oven, and slow-cooking smoker.
The Memphis Elite Cart Model Pellet Grill comes standard with a 24 lb. hopper, which is ideal for automatically mixing different pellet flavors to create unique tastes! The superior Dual Fan Convection System allows for convection cooking and evenly distributed heat circulation, ensuring the most succulent results. With its excellent 304 stainless steel construction and Made in the USA craftsmanship, you'll realize that this grill is at the top of its class.
180° to 700° temperature range
1211 sq. in. of maximum cooking surface area
24 lb. hopper with two 12 lb. fuel bins
EZ Access Hatch for burn pot cleaning
Three drawers for separate grease and ash collection

Breeo fire pit - smokeless fire pit

Bree Fire Pits Are Also Available
Visit our Parts Store online to learn more and shop our Grills, Smokers, and Breeo Fire Pits - Click here.